Strategic Partners

Krista Inochovsky

Wealth Consultant and co-owner of Sky Wealth Solutions

Are working to provide your family with “a better life”, make your financial dreams a reality and

protect and provide for your family?  Krista’s mission is to encourage and teach women to

‘Make More Money and Make It Last’. It is vitally important to understand and create a foundation

that protects your family and prepares your finances for your future needs and desires.   



Mary Lou Caskey

Life Coach, Speaker and Author of "Show Your Food Who’s Boss:

Gain Freedom, Lose Weight & Keep It Off".

Mary Lou helps Christians gain freedom and cultivate peace with





Wendy Lyn Phillips

Professional Branding, Beauty and Image Expert

and Author of "Naked to Knockout, Beauty from the Inside Out".

Wendy Lyn's mission is to help women become all that God created them to be...starting with the opinions that matter most; God's and your own.




Diane M. Vivian

Graphic Designer and Marketing & Branding Specialist

Diane Vivian has been freelancing in the Orlando area for over 20 years. Her expertise and keen

eye for design have helped hundreds of startup businesses, sole proprietors, small business and large

form a strategic brand awareness and recognition against their competition. She is a respected and

sought after graphic designer and marketing expert.



Carolyn Collins


Holistic Health Counselor

Carolyn’s mission is to help individuals balance their lives and improve wellness by strengthening themselves through conscious eating and healthy lifestyle choices. Carolyn believes healthy living starts with the individual, which leads to a ripple effect for the entire family.

My Strategic Partners endorse and support The Working Mom Coach. They are women entrepreneurs who serve busy, working moms in the areas of health and weight loss, finances, image and beauty, branding, web design and business development.