As a Christian Marriage and Relationship Coach and general Marriage and Family Therapist,

I am passionate about helping couples overcome their challenges, improve their communication, and have stronger and more loving relationships.

Couple Coaching

Whether you are single, dating, engaged

or married, if you are serious about

strengthening your relationships, 

I will help you:


• Define a more compelling future and create a vision for the life,

   relationship and marriage you really want


• Communicate in a way that helps you resolve conflicts and 

   experience more peace in your marriage and in your home


• Have more passion, romance and FUN in your relationships


• Balance work, family, and self-care to reduce your stress and

   increase your energy


• Discover a deeper sense of purpose and spirituality


• Take immediate and pro-active steps to improve your

  marriage or relationships


• Create a marriage that is close, intimate and HOT!

Contact me today for a FREE CONSULTATION and start your journey toward having the relationships of your dreams and living a life you truly love!