So They Say

"I trained Amy in professional-grade, ICF-aligned coaching through the Institute for Life Coach Training. She brings not only education and experience to the work she does but also a great heart for people and a keen awareness of business sales work.”


             – Christopher McCluskey, PCC, Director, Professional Christian Coaching Program





“Amy is a bright, enthusiastic and insightful individual. These traits are imperative to provide high quality coaching skills to others. She is motivating, thought-provoking and detail oriented all at once. I highly recommend Amy as an individual to provide relationship coaching.”


             – Carolyn Collins, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Board Certified Art    

                Therapist and Holistic Health Counselor, Be Healthy Within




“Amy has an infectious enthusiasm that is full of warmth and kindness. She is a

thoughtful listener and helped me process through many different professional

and personal life challenges. Amy has a unique perspective having a background

in both business and as a therapist. She understands people and relationships -

I highly recommend working with her.”


            – Sarah Bloomquist, CFLE, President, Owner, INNERMOST COACHING



“Amy is an expert in her field and I would highly recommend her skills and talents.

You will always leave a meeting or conversation with Amy feeling much better about

yourself. I would highly recommend you contact her!”


           – Lori Meier, Independent Distributor, XanGo




“I have known Amy for 22 years and she has always proven herself to be a top-notch professional. She is articulate, intelligent and thoughtful. She has a way of being a high achiever as a business person while interacting with her colleagues, friends and clients in a compassionate and positive way."


         – Carrie Stec, Director, Brand Development, Catalina Marketing




“Amy’s energetic, magnetic personality allows her to connect with people from many different backgrounds."


        – Kim Carlson, HR Director, Orlando Area Law Firm





“Amy is contagiously passionate and a natural talent when it comes to one-on-one coaching or motivational Group Training sessions. Her ethics and professionalism put Amy well above the rest in an industry with tremendous competition. I highly recommend Amy to any organization that needs an effective, professional and results driven Trainer.”


        – Andrea Vivarelli, CEO Vivarelli Group




“I have always been very impressed with Amy’s ability to connect with her clients and help them make positive changes. Everyone enjoys working with her very positive and energetic presence and attitude. She is highly motivated and directs people forward.”


      – Shirley Pilster Daniel, RN MS, Marriage and Family Therapist and Personal Life Coach




"Amy is a vibrant personality with an infectiously positive attitude. She is there to make you laugh, but also knows how to flip the switch to get results. Every client is an individual and her approach is custom tailored as such. She gets results because she cares and she brings her heart."


       – Lindsay Weller, Legal Assistant at Treusch Law Group, P.A.




“Having first hand experience working with Amy I can only say that she is a marvel!! Professional, smart, proactive, caring and sincere are a few adjectives that come to mind. I consider anyone who gets to work/ interact with her very lucky!"


      – Gideon Hess, Sales agent, Pueblo Bonito Resorts and Spas