Individual Coaching

Tired of failed relationships and ready to find Mr. or Mrs. Right?


Having trouble letting go of past relationships?


Stuck in a relationship that’s not meeting your needs?

I know the challenges singles face.  I was 30 before I met my Mr. Right.  I dated for years, longing to find the man God had for me.  I didn’t find him until I took a leap of faith and moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to embark on what I thought would only be a year-long adventure.  It wasn’t until I was really ready and willing to focus on making my life something wonderful, with or without a husband, that I found him. I would love to help you find the love of YOUR life!



If you are single, I will help you to:


• Create a vision (and action steps) for a life full of peace, passion and purpose


• Get crystal clear about what you really want (and need) in relationships


• Discover the secrets of happy couples and proven relationship skills


• Focus on yourself and the self-reflection which is so important before entering marriage


• Attract the kind of dating relationship you truly want


• Learn how to look for red flags and make good relationship choices


• Learn how to make an unforgettable first impression



Whether you want Individual Coaching to help achieve a specific outcome, enhance your relationships with others, or simply take better care of yourself,  I can help you get there faster.


If you're committed to creating more fulfilling and meaningful relationships, or finding the love of your life, I look forward to working with you. Contact me today for a FREE CONSULTATION and start your journey toward having the relationship of your dreams and living a life you truly love!